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Ant Identification & Prevention

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What are ants?

Ants are common insects with thousands of different species around the world. These pests live in large colonies made up of hundreds or thousands of members. Colonies consist of a queen, sometimes multiple, and workers.

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Are ants dangerous?

While many ant species are a nuisance, some are dangerous. Below we list some dangerous species:

  • Fire ants are an aggressive species that will swarm if threatened or disturbed. Their stings are painful, and their venom can cause allergic reactions. These ants are also invasive, damaging crops and plants and displacing other ant species. 
  • Carpenter ants are destructive ants known for damaging properties as they tunnel in wood to create galleries and nests.
  • Pharaoh ants are common invaders of hospitals where they contaminate IVs and wounds. They are known for spreading pathogens like salmonellosis and streptococcus.

Why do I have an ant problem?

You most likely have an ant problem because there are food and water sources available to them on your property. These sources can include but are not limited to crumbs, residue in cans and jars, and leaks.

Where will I find ants?

Ants can be found in different places depending on the species:

  • Fire ants build their mounts in open sunny areas.
  • Pavement ants can often congregate in cracks in pavement and concrete.
  • Carpenter ants gather around moist and decaying wood.
  • Pharaoh ants prefer shaded areas like underneath debris.

How do I get rid of ants?

To get rid of ants in Texas, you should contact All Season Pest Control. We provided target ant control treatments for your Arlington home based on the species.

  • For carpenter ants, we use a Termidor SC and bait as needed. 
  • We provide exterior treatments of liquid product application and granular bait for fire ants. We will also treat mounds with the best fire ant control products available. Our fire ant services can be one-time or reoccurring and come with a 90-day warranty for indoors and a 30-day warranty for outdoors.
  • We use a liquid application and baiting for nuisance ants like pavement ants, pharaoh ants, and ghost ants. We also provide a 90-day warranty for indoors and a 30-day warranty for outdoors on these ants.

Contact us at All Season Pest Control to learn more about our ant control services in Arlington, TX.

How can I prevent ants in the future?

To prevent ants in the future, you should use the following tips:

  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Rinse out cans and jars before recycling them.
  • Clean up crumbs and spills right away.
  • Keep gardens and fruit trees from over-ripening.
  • Use garbage cans with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Fix any leaks and remove water-damaged wood.
  • Clear out your gutters regularly. 
  • Remove organic debris from your yard like leaves, grass clippings, and dead trees.
  • Address any moisture issues inside your home, such as poor ventilation and high humidity.
  • Create a barrier between your foundation and any soil or mulch by using crushed rocks or gravel.
  • Keep your home clutter-free and organized.
  • Seal any potential entry points in your foundations, exterior walls, and along the roofline.
  • Reach out to a professional and reputable ant control company to focus on any problem infestations.

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