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Bed Bug Identification & Prevention

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What are bed bugs?

Like other blood-feeding insects, the bed bug's sole source of nutrition comes from the blood of their warm-blooded hosts. Unfortunately for people, bed bugs prefer our blood over any other host.

Bed bugs are small insects, but you can identify them in your Texas home if you know what you are looking for. Bed bugs have oval bodies, and before feeding, they are reddish-brown, but after feeding, they turn a deeper red color, and their body expands into a more cigar-like shape.

Bed bugs are wingless and move quite slowly, but by hitchhiking on people or our belongings, they move with ease across towns, cities, states, and countries.

a bed bug on granite

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs are certainly at the top of the unwanted list for pests in our homes; however, they don't pose a significant danger to people.

Bed bugs feed on human blood, but unlike other blood-feeding pests, they're not known to spread disease-causing pathogens to people. However, bed bugs cause the following problems:

  • Their presence can cause a lack of sleep. Sound sleep is difficult when you know bed bugs are in your home and biting you in your sleep. 
  • Bed bug bites cause openings in the skin that can lead to secondary infections. 
  • Some people develop a red itchy rash after being bitten by bed bugs. 
  • Bed bugs can damage mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, and walls by staining them with blood droplets and their excrement.

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

Bed bugs are in your homes because they were introduced either by you, a family member, a visitor, or a secondhand item. Once in your home, they will seek daytime hideouts and become active at night, feeding on your blood as you sleep.

It only takes a few bed bugs to hitchhike into your home for a large infestation to develop. Bed bugs are prolific breeders, and our temperature-controlled homes offer the perfect environment for them to complete their life cycle.

Where will I find bed bugs?

Bed bugs hang out where people spend their time, and since they live and breed indoors, they are active year-round. However, the summer and holiday seasons tend to be when bed bugs cause the most problems for people. These are the times of the year when bed bugs are being moved from place to place more frequently as people vacation and travel.

It is important to know that bed bugs don't just stay in the bedrooms; they can travel through walls, floors, and ceilings and infest multiple areas of a home. Some of their most common hideouts include:

  • Wall voids
  • Cracks in wooden furniture
  • Seams of mattresses and boxsprings
  • Behind the cushions of upholstered furniture
  • Electronics
  • Electrical outlets
  • Under piles of dirty laundry
  • Within clutter

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Eliminating bed bugs that have found a way into your house is best done with the help of a professional. At All Seasons Pest Control, we offer comprehensive bed bug control options and thorough inspections to find and eliminate the bed bugs living in your home. Our professionals are committed to educating our customers and providing trustworthy pest control solutions.

At All Seasons Pest Control, we have the complete and effective bed bug control services in Arlington you need! Learn more about eliminating bed bugs from your Texas home with the help of our safe and eco-friendly pest control options. If you suspect bed bugs, give us a call today!

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

Stop bed bugs from taking over your Texas home using our most effective bed bug prevention tips.

  • Always inspect your hotel room before bringing your personal belongings inside. 
  • Vacuum suitcases and wash all clothing taken after returning home from traveling.
  • Wash your family's bedding weekly, inspecting mattresses for bed bugs as you do.
  • Place bed bug-proof covers on mattresses in your home. 
  • Routinely wash and vacuum floors, including shampooing carpets and upholstered furniture.
  • Regularly inspect your home for bed bugs.

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