Are You Struggling To Deal With Pantry Pests In Arlington?

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Finding pantry pests inside your stored food items is enough to make anyone lose their appetite. How disappointing is reaching for your favorite snack only to discover signs that insects have gotten to it first? Now you have to toss it in the trash along with the money you spent. 

We don’t want to see you lose another penny on wasted food at All Seasons Pest Control. We offer the most effective pest control in Arlington to eradicate pantry pests and keep your kitchen area insect-free. Read on to learn more about these bugs and easy ways to prevent them from returning.

The Types Of Pests That Invade Pantries 

What exactly is a pantry pest? It’s an insect with a voracious appetite for processed and dried food products stored inside your home. Those items include crackers, dry pasta, bread, cereal, flour, cornstarch, and more. Here are six insects most commonly found in your stored food items: 

  1. Cigarette beetle
  2. Indian meal moth
  3. Rice weevil
  4. Red flour beetle
  5. Grain beetle
  6. Warehouse beetle

Reach out to a professional exterminating company that eliminates pantry pests in Arlington. They have a full range of resources to get your insect issue under control quickly. 

Signs There Are Pests Inside Your Arlington Pantry 

Notice anything strange about the food items in your pantry? Perhaps there is an offensive odor or taste. You may have even seen tiny holes or webbing in the packages. These are all signs that pantry pests have invaded your kitchen. By the time you notice these pests, they could have already infested open packaged foods and products for a long time. If you’re able to spot the source of the infestation before it spreads to other items, make sure to properly seal and discard any affected products before thoroughly cleaning the area.

Ways To Deter Pests In Your Pantry 

It shouldn’t be too much to ask that your cereal box or package of crackers doesn't come with an assortment of bugs when you’re ready to dive in. When you thought that insects only preferred the uneaten portions of fresh food you left behind, they love processed items just as much. These pests can crawl into cabinets undetected and hide in between your shelves. And when the coast is clear, they can burrow into your boxed or bag treats to consume your goodies or even lay their eggs. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to eradicate this particular pest problem, which includes:

  • Sprinkle a natural pantry pest repellent along the entry of your pantry, like cinnamon.
  • Clean the inside of your cupboards regularly.
  • Transfer items from their original packaging to airtight storage containers. 
  • Wipe up crumbs and spilled food contents.
  • Avoid purchasing damaged goods from the store.

Make sure to check your perishable food items frequently to ensure they haven’t spoiled. Once food goes bad, it’s more likely to attract pests. Also, inspect your jars regularly, ensuring to seal the lids tightly. Reach out to professional pest management for the best pantry pest control products to keep these insects away.

Total Indoor Pest Control In Arlington

If the goal is to eliminate pantry pests from your kitchen successfully, forego the do-it-yourself (DIY) methods and partner with a local professional exterminating company for the most effective pantry pest control. They have all the resources and knowledge to eliminate these insects, saving your sanity and sparing money in wasted groceries.

At All Seasons Pest Control, we’ve been providing the most advanced pest management for our residents in Arlington since 1994. Our dedicated service technicians inform and educate our customers about their specific insect situations and provide guidance and long-lasting solutions. Contact us today to request a quote.