How To Easily Get Rid Of Termites In Arlington

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Have you noticed buckling wood floors, windows and doors that don't open and shut easily, or damaged drywall? Termites might be to blame. These tiny pests live in large colonies and can cause significant damage to your home as they consume wood and other cellulose-based materials, leading to weakened wood framing and structural instability. Termites do most of their work in hidden areas of your home, so you may have a termite infestation and not even know it until the signs become evident. 

Fortunately, All Seasons Pest Control delivers the most advanced pest control in Arlington to eliminate termite colonies in record time, saving your home from serious damage. Continue reading to learn more about these insects and how to prevent your home from becoming infested.

What Are Termite Swarmers?

You may have seen what look like insect wings in the corners of your window sills and other entry points. If so, these could indicate that you have winged swarming termites on your Arlington property. Swarmers are reproductive members of a termite colony that leave to establish new colonies. Seeing swarmers may mean you already have an established colony on or near your property. These insects act as a clear warning to alert you that termites are in the area looking to find a new home. It's nature's way of giving you a good head start on putting together an active termite prevention plan. Consult with All Seasons Pest Control for guidance on how to handle swarmer termites near your Arlington home. We'll provide a thorough inspection to determine the scope of your termite problem.

Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home

So you know that termites eat wood and can cause significant damage to your home, but what exactly makes them attracted to your property in the first place? Here are a few common factors that may make your home even more attractive to these wood-eating pests:

  • Poor drainage: If water collects around your home, this can create a damp and humid environment that termites love. Be sure to check for leaks and make any necessary repairs, and be aware of poor drainage around your property.
  • Woodpiles: If you have piles of wood or other untreated lumber on your property, this can be a haven for termites looking to build their colonies. Keep all woodpiles away from the exterior of your home, and be sure to properly dispose of any old lumber scraps or wooden furniture.
  • Moisture: As we mentioned, termites thrive in moist conditions, so take care to address any leaks or standing water around your home. This includes things like defective gutters and downspouts, as well as clogged drains and leaking pipes.
  • Mulch beds: Mulch and other wood-based landscaping materials can provide plenty of food for termites, making them a magnet for these destructive pests. To reduce the risk of a termite problem, make sure to apply mulch in small quantities and keep it away from your home's foundation.

In short, there are many factors that can attract termites to your home. Take preventative action by addressing any issues that may be attracting these pests, and work with a trusted professional like All Seasons Pest Control to ensure proper termite control for your property. With the right solutions in place, you can protect your home from costly damage and keep your family safe and comfortable. Call us today to schedule your inspection.

Why Do-It-Yourself Termite Control Fails

Do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques have their place when minor household issues happen. However, in the case of active termites or termite swarmers around your property, only experienced pest elimination professionals have the education, background, and proper equipment to rid your business or residence of these insects entirely. Review the list of reasons below why DIY tactics won't clear a termite infestation:

  • DIY methods can't outpace a termite's reproduction rate.
  • DIY tactics don't involve the use of industry-grade equipment and other effective resources. 
  • DIY users lack the knowledge and skillset to successfully eliminate entire termite colonies.
  • DIY practices can worsen the problem instead of solving it. 
  • DIY procedures can cost you time, money, and effort with little to no success in the end. 

The only option for pest-free results is to get in touch with qualified pest specialists who know exactly what to do to rid your property of termites for good. 

The Benefits Of Year-Round Professional Termite Control

You may not have thought about it before, but the best way to prevent different kinds of termites from infesting your precious wooden structures and interiors is to partner with a professional termite and pest control company to establish a routine maintenance schedule. This process uncovers the early stages of a budding infestation before it has the chance to spread. The result? A pest-free living or working environment month after month and year after year.

For nearly three decades, All Seasons Pest Control has been providing high-caliber pest management solutions that keep Arlington area homes and businesses free of pest problems. We work with customers to develop a treatment schedule that fits their specific situation, yet is effective for successful termite removal. Our highly skilled staff will keep you well-informed every step of the way. Reach out to us today to request your complimentary estimate.