How To Tackle A Fly Infestation In Arlington

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If you have flies in your home, you need to call an Arlington pest control company like All Seasons Pest Control to get rid of them for good. You could try a DIY solution to the problem with commercially available products like fly paper, but you risk not getting to the root of the problem. When you partner with us at All Seasons Pest Control, you’re becoming part of our family – and we love to spoil our family!

How Fly Infestations Start

There are five different kinds of flies that may be infesting your Arlington home: blowflies, drain flies, fruit flies, gnat flies, and house flies. Typically, an infestation of any of these flies starts with flies entering your home to get to warmer air. Then, if they find a source of rotting food or garbage, they’ll lay their eggs.

Those eggs hatch into maggots, which may or may not be visible, depending on the type of fly. For example, fruit flies lay their eggs on fruit, and the maggots hatch inside the fruit. You wouldn’t be able to see them unless you cut the fruit open at the right spot.

Maggots live for a few days before pupating – forming cocoons to develop into full-grown flies. Once they emerge from the pupae, flies can live anywhere from 15 to 50 days, depending on the variety. Bottle flies and fruit flies live longer, while house flies and blowflies survive for just two to three weeks.

If you believe you have an infestation, you need to know how to get rid of flies: by calling in the professional service technicians from All Seasons Pest Control. Contact us now to get a free quote.

The Dangers Fly Infestations Can Cause In Homes

Flies in your house may seem like just a nuisance and nothing to worry about. However, they’re known disease carriers and can make you and your family seriously ill.

Diseases flies carry include:

  • Shigella
  • Salmonella
  • Dysentery
  • Typhoid fever
  • E. coli
  • Cholera

Flies carry bacteria on their legs and bodies. When they get hungry, they land on your food, vomit their saliva onto it to liquify it, then suck up the softened food. That gives them ample opportunity to unwittingly let those bacteria spread on your food.

A single fly landing on your sandwich for a few seconds isn’t likely to be a problem. However, the more flies you have, and the more time they have to spend on your food, the more likely you and your family could become seriously ill. That’s why it’s important for you to get rid of flies in your Arlington home by working with All Seasons Pest Control. Contact us today for your free quote.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Flies Into Your Home

To know how to repel flies, you need to know what’s attracting them to your home in the first place. There are several factors at play, including:

  • Access: If you have cracks or crevices around your doors or windows, flies are more able to get into your home. Torn window or door screens or faulty door sweeps also allow greater access. 
  • Temperature: As one example, house flies prefer to live in warmer areas and need warmer temperatures to complete their life cycle. Turning down the thermostat can actually prevent their eggs from hatching. 
  • Light: Flies are attracted to light. Change out your outside bulbs from white to yellow to attract fewer insects overall. Use shades, blinds, and curtains to keep light from spilling outside through your windows, attracting flies.
  • Food: Flies are attracted to rotting food that may be found in your garbage disposal or your trash cans. They’re also pulled toward sweets, so if you don’t clean up all the soda that spilled on the counter or miss some crumbs of birthday cake when you’re tidying up, that gives them another food source.

Getting rid of the factors that attract flies in the first place can go a long way towards preventing an infestation. 

The Secret To Total Fly Control For Your Home

If you need to know how to make flies go away, the answer is simple: Work with the professionals at All Seasons Pest Control. We’re a family-owned and operated company that’s been in business since 1994 – and some of our customers have been with us since the beginning! We’re the pest control company you keep. Contact us now to get your free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Arlington.