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Rodent Identification & Prevention

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What are rodents?

Rodents make up the largest group of mammals, with more than 4,000 different species worldwide. As you can imagine, their appearance, behaviors, and habitats vary widely.

A few species of rodents have developed close ties with people and regularly find their way into our outdoor spaces and homes. Below are three species of rodents that are troublesome for homeowners in the Arlington, Texas area:

  • Norway rat: A large, heavy-bodied rat that is a poor climber

  • Roof rat: A small, slim, agile rat that is a great climber

  • Deer mouse: A small mouse with large back feet that can run quickly and has a strong jump

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Are rodents dangerous?

Though some rodents have a strong desire to live with people, we can't allow them to make themselves at home in our indoor or outdoor spaces. Rodents are prolific breeders, so just one or two hanging around your yard can turn into many. Once their needs are no longer met outside, rodents won't hesitate to move into your home, leading to even more problems.

Rodents are dangerous pests that carry and spread pathogens, parasites, and allergens that make people and our pets ill. As rodents scavenge for food in less than sanitary areas, they pick up bacteria on their bodies and legs that they then spread over surfaces and contaminate food. Rodents are also destructive; they use their sharp front incisors to chew through and damage electrical equipment, floors, walls, furniture, and more!

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents live in large populations all around us, living in fields, wooded areas, parks, city sewers, and alleyways. We usually don't notice them until they decide that living inside our homes is more beneficial than living outside. Things that typically drive rodents into our Texas homes include:

  • Harsh weather conditions
  • A temperature-controlled environment
  • The need for a sheltered place to nest out of the reach of predators
  • Food odors

Where will I find rodents?

Where rodents prefer to hang out is often species-dependent. Take, for instance, the roof rat and Norway rat; they are both types of rats but prefer to live in different spaces.

The roof rat prefers to nest up off the ground, and outside, they choose to nest in trees, vines, bushes, woodpiles, and other things that can keep them up off the ground. They enter our homes through gaps they find in the roofline, at roof intersections, and through chimneys.

In contrast, the Norway rat prefers to stay at ground level. These large rats move indoors through spaces in or around the foundation, basements doors, or vents near the ground. They burrow under woodpiles, foundations, construction materials, and sewers outside.

The deer mouse usually doesn't cause problems in urban environments; they are more of a pest in rural or suburban areas. If you live in areas with many wide-open spaces or wooded areas, deer mice can become a problem in your yard and eventually in your home.

In addition to our homes, rodents are often an issue in garages, sheds, and other outbuildings. Usually, doors to these buildings are kept open for long periods, giving them easy access inside. These structures also tend to provide rodents with a lot of hiding and nesting spots!

How do I get rid of rodents?

Partner with a professional to help rid your Arlington property of rodents and any other household pests you are dealing with. At All Seasons Pest Control, we are a full-service pest control company dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. Our family-owned business treats our customers like they are family. Our professionals are local to the area and understand the pest control needs of home and business owners living in the Arlington area.

We offer safe, effective, and eco-friendly rodent control options that you can count on! Our rodent control services for your Arlington home or business include inspections, recommendations for exclusion work, treatment, and follow-up visits. Contact us today to learn more!

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

Stop rodents from taking over your Texas property with the help of our most effective rodent prevention tips.

  • Reduce food odors that lure rodents to your property by keeping lids on trash cans and picking up uneaten pet food. 
  • Remove bird feeders and other wild animal feeders from your yard.
  • Remove things like woodpiles, brush piles, and other debris from your yard that attract rodent activity.
  • Cut back overgrown landscaping from your home's exterior that provides rodents shelter. 
  • Inspect your home's roofline, foundation, doors, and windows for openings that allow rodents to move in and out of your home.
  • Keep garage and shed doors closed whenever possible.

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