Arlington's Ultimate Ant Prevention Guide

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Ant control in Arlington is essential if you want this troublesome pest to stay out of your home for good. The best ant control solutions depend on both ant prevention tactics and professional ant control in your house to keep this pest firmly at bay.

How To Identify Ants In Arlington

There are several different types of ants in the Arlington area that you may encounter in your home. Proper identification of these pests is a vital part of ant pest control; the professionals at All Seasons Pest Control can help you with further identification beyond our brief overview below:

  • Carpenter Ants – large ants, shiny black in color
  • Fire Ants – small ants, reddish to dark red in color
  • Rover ants – ranges in color from light yellow to a blackish-brown
  • Odorous House Ants – dark brown to black in color, give off an odor when crushed
  • Acrobat Ants – very small, light brown to black in color

The Problem With Ants In Arlington Homes

Any of the ant types we discussed above can invade your Arlington home and cause problems. To start with, ants can contaminate food storage areas and countertops with their scavenging, leaving those in your home at risk of contracting an illness. 

Ants may also bite those in your home, something that leaves behind itchy bites or triggers allergic reactions in specific individuals. Fire ants are known for their painful bites that may affect you several days after the bite is received.

Additionally, ants can leave behind damage in your home as they infiltrate every area. Carpenter ants especially will tunnel through the wooden areas of your home and create structural damage that may be incredibly costly to repair.

These problems are why ant control in Arlington is so essential for area homeowners.

Six Simple And Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Arlington Homes

Proactive prevention tactics are effective ant control in your house and a necessary part of ant control solutions to remove this pest:

  1. Seal up ant entry points around your homes, such as gaps in windows, doors, and the foundation. Ensure that window and door screens are sturdy and unbroken.
  2. Store leftover food properly and promptly. Consider using airtight containers in pantry areas and refrain from leaving out dirty dishes or food and drink spills, as these are major ant attractors.
  3. Dispose of waste regularly using tightly sealed trash bags. Ensure that all outdoor trash areas have lids or reduced access for ants.
  4. Address moisture issues around your home and fix up leaks both indoors and outdoors. Pools of water often attract all kinds of ants to your home.
  5. Keep your yard clear and clean of debris in addition to keeping the grass trimmed low. This eliminates outdoor ant hiding spots.
  6. Inside your home, declutter often and make sure to clean regularly. This makes the area less hospitable and allows you to detect infestations easily.

How To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation In Your Arlington Home

When it comes to getting rid of ants, you should be trusting the best pest control company for ants in Arlington – All Seasons Pest Control. The professionals will be able to provide you with ant pest control in your home and effective outdoor ant control that eliminates any infestation of this pest and ensures that your home stays peacefully ant-free year-round.

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